About The Bored of Ed Podcast

The US education system is not broken; the inequitable outcomes it produces are part of the design. In each episode, Jonathan Santos Silva and Doc Miller interview leaders who are committed to hacking the education system and redesigning it for equity and inclusion. Whether you are looking for inspiration, tired of the current reform narrative, or simply interested in honest and courageous dialogue, join The Bored of Ed!

Our Team

During the 2019 4.0 Schools Workshop held at the 612 Andrew Higgins Blvd in New Orleans, Louisiana on Thursday, December 12, 2019. (Photo by Harlin Miller | Harlin Miller Photography  | (504) 875-0575)

Jonathan Santos Silva
Creator & Co-Host

Jonathan Santos Silva is the Founder of The Liber Institute, an organization focused on developing the leadership capacity of Indigenous students, families, and educators to transform their schools and the communities that surround them. Prior to this, Jonathan served as a school founder, instructional coach, education consultant, and on-the-ground support to South Dakota’s Native American Achievement Schools. His education career began at Little Wound School on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where he taught secondary math and called play-by-play for Mustang Athletics.

Jonathan identifies as a Black (Cape Verdean), cis-gender, able-bodied, straight man from a working-class immigrant family in Brockton, MA. He holds an M.A. in Education Administration from the University of South Dakota and a B.S. in Business Administration from Northeastern University. He is also a 2017-2018 School Systems Leaders Fellow and 2019 TNTP Bridge Fellow.


Doc Miller
Producer & Co-Host

Doc Miller is an award-winning educator who taught at a public high school in Indianapolis for over a decade. Before that, he was a radio and television host and even did a little record producing back in the day. Doc now works for a national education non-profit supporting the development of teachers, leaders, and learning communities that deeply engage all students, specifically those students who have been underserved by the current educational system, in meaningful and rigorous academic opportunities to support them in meeting and exceeding the high expectations they hold for themselves.

Doc identifies as a white, cis-gender, able-bodied, gay man, who was raised in a lower-income community in South Carolina by his single mother who worked hard to ensure he would be a first-generation college student. He earned a B.S. in Bio-medical Science, multiple graduate degrees in Education, and is an alumnus of The National SEED Project. In his on-going journey to be a more inclusive and equitable leader in the education community, Doc attempts to intentionally seek out diverse perspectives, work to understand how his own identity influences how he shows up in his work, and strives to be both an ally and co-conspirator in the critical work of dismantling the opportunity gap that exists for students of color.

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Introducing The Bored of Ed or 20 years from now, what will we celebrate?
Featuring Anashay Wright, Kyle Quadros, and Diana Cournoyer

We introduce the podcast and some of this season's "Bored Members" by asking them one question: "If 20 years from now we are looking back on the response to COVID-19 as the disruption that led to a vastly different and equitable education system, how does that system operate and what did we do to create it?"

Episode 2: If you want to disrupt education, disrupt yourself
Featuring Anashay "Teach Em" Wright, Founder & Chief Executive Disruptor of Disruptive Partners

We have endured countless reforms to the public education system, but what do we have to show for it? Black, Indigenous, and other students of color continue to be left behind by a system that was not designed to serve them.

Episode 3: This is your brain... this is your brain on trauma
Featuring Kyle Quadros, Co-Founder & Chairman of TILO

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