Teachers Deserve Better: S1 *BONUS* with Karla Vigil

“I hope y’all didn’t think we were gonna leave y’all like that. We had a dope finale. But you know, we’re a little extra over here. I had to save something. I just love the idea of having a bonus episode.” -Jonathan

In the last episode of season one (for real this time), Jonathan and Doc dive into one of our most valuable assets: our teachers. Karla Vigil is the Chief Executive Officer of the Equity Institute, located in Providence RI.

If you’ve listened along throughout the season, then you know every Bored Member speaks out about the way we treat our teachers. Karla elaborates and identifies actionable steps; the first being – increase teacher salary. But we know money isn’t everything. What about teacher education, training, and ongoing support? The Equity Institute stands in the gap between what our teachers are facing now and what our teachers deserve.

Karla walks alongside professionals as they navigate advanced education and Praxis tests, then continues to support teachers in the classroom. A talented, passionate educator herself, she recalls the amount of work she put into building her career. From what she calls a “late start” to failing the Math Praxis 7 times, Karla never quit, though life provided many opportunities to do so.

It all comes down to this: teachers need support. They need the support of their friends and family, true, but they also need an income that allows them to pay off student loans and live above poverty level, without taking second and third jobs. Teachers need culturally relevant training and ongoing support to navigate the variables of teaching that aren’t taught in college or numbered on the Praxis. And they need time to learn how to bring their own personalities into the classroom, build genuine relationships, and follow their own intuition. 

The Equity Institute challenges the current education system and is transforming the way districts recruit and support teachers. You can connect with them at www.theequityinstitute.org to follow their work and see how you can get involved.

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